I was born in Cuenca, on 6 July 1989, and like any good Manchego, I grew up surrounded by windmills that, of course, turned into giants and by docile looking sheep wearing armour and carrying swords. The spell is still intact today, which is why I keep searching for Dulcinea.

If one day I were ever lucky enough, what everyone wants, for a supreme wizard to recall my adventures, I would ask him not to forget that the need to uncover what is hidden was what drove me to be a journalist. And so, one nostalgic yet utopian autumn’s day, I arrived at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, where I enrolled in courses that would lead me to explore the fascinating world of radio and to discover the hidden secrets of writing.

While I was caught up reading reports in search of their own particular enchanted helmet of King Mambrino I started looking for answers to more down-to-earth questions. I was no longer interested only in the origin, evolution and fate of humankind, but also in the complexity of our mind. This quest led me to take an interest in criminology and victimology, and in following years, thanks to my collaborations in radio shows and press articles, I joined the SOS Desaparecidos association for missing people.

I was interested in Culture since childhood when my grandfather spoke to me of Cervantes and recited verses from Don Juan Tenorio. That’s why, when I was taking a course in Social Media in 2017 at Aula CM, I knew that I had to set up a blog where I would interview people from the arts and culture. And, at the beginning of 2018, this led me to cross the threshold of number 11 in Calle de Fernando VI and knock on the door of Acerca Comunicación. One fine day, branded in fire, after which I found other fraternal and passionate horizons.