The day we set up Acerca Comunicación I got up on the back of a fire truck and started taking photos. I was keenly aware that my great-grandfather was a photographer and that he had taken portraits of people like Azaña and King Alfonso XIII and even the legendary Lola Flores herself, so you could say that my passion for images is genetic. I grew up surrounded by the bookshelves that lined by grandmother’s house, containing thousands of children’s books alongside biographies of Avellaneda or Pardo Bazán. As a result, my love for literature and being a feminist were the most natural thing in the world.

I took Communication Studies at the Universidad Complutense and every now and then in the office I still reel off the technical concepts I learned in the subject “Theory of the Image”. Maybe it’s because I am more inclined towards sciences than arts that I am fascinated by RGB and CMYK.

My first incursion into the world of press offices was thanks to a scholarship at Casa de América. I then continued my formation in the Paris office of the Mexican news agency Notimex, where everything went so well that, years later, my colleagues there came to my wedding and one of them sat at the altar.

I was a member of the communication team at ARCO for nine years, which is where I really learned everything I know, both about the art world as well as corporate communication. In order to keep growing professionally in 2007, I founded together with my partner the Acerca Comunicación agency, where we work with clients from art and culture like the Loewe Foundation, the Ivorypress gallery and publishers, the Arte_Madrid association, the Elvira González gallery, the exhibitions at Palacio de Gaviria organised by Arthemisia and Azkuna Zentroa, among others.

I am interested in too many things, which is both a defect and a virtue. Which is why I have also worked in the field of development cooperation in NGOs like Médicos del Mundo and SED (Solidarity, Education, Development). My commitment with the issue of gender equality encouraged me to join the network of women journalists Red Internacional de Mujeres Periodistas de Madrid. I have been the editor of the magazine Alandar and I am a regular contributor to various publications on social and religious information.

I am a typography geek, and I probably should have dropped everything else and dedicated myself to designing letters and softly stroking pages hot off the printing press. I use Wallapop to sublime my inner exile. I once touched a plate by Picasso without gloves and during my pregnancy I ate nothing but spicy food so that my son would get used to it. Prevention is always better than the cure.