Whenever I go to Zamora and they call me Madrileño it drives me crazy, but although I am very Castilian for many things, I don’t think I could live in a city with less pollution than Madrid. I arrived here at the age of seventeen to study journalism in the Brutalism of Universidad Complutense, where I learned that sometimes it’s better to be friends with the porter than with the dean.

I learned what work meant at Radio Zamora (Cadena SER) and Onda Cero Madrid, because imagining is better than seeing. After graduating I took a master in literary research and then worked for LIBER, programming meetings between writers and audiences.

In 2013 a friend told me about Zinc Shower and I did voluntary work for its first edition: and that’s where I met the team from ACERCA. One year later I began working with them, looking after the online strategy for this event. Since then I have been an eye-witnesses to the craziness of the world of agencies, including working on the communication for the Elvira González or Guillermo de Osma galleries, the Drawing Room art fair, the Titanic, Auschwitz and Kandinsky exhibits and ARCOColombia. Among my many achievements is having a book signed by Chema Madoz and that Waldo Balart (a friend of mine and of Andy Warhol) left a handwritten note on the door to his studio saying “here, Enrique”.

In 2018, Alianza de Novelas published my first novel, Los Caín, in which I spoke of evil and the Castile of Miguel Delibes. If you’re thinking of buying it, it’s got a white deer on the cover and is the prettiest book on the planet. And I’m not saying that because it’s mine.

I also write for El Asombrario (among others), I go to the theatre as often as I can and I recite out loud the email addresses of visual arts journals, and in the mornings I practice choreographies in the office. I have a phobia of reptiles.