I was born in Alicante, but I can trace my family roots to Ciudad Real and Salamanca. The first camera fell into my hands at the tender age of ten and ever since, for one reason or another, photography has been part of my life. I loved the mystery of the negative, the surprises revealed when developing in the dark room. And, as there are no negatives without positives, I followed this up with studies in professional photography.

I started studying Audiovisual and Show Production, but my interests and inclinations led me to enrol in Agricultural Engineering (yes, you read right, Agricultural Engineering), CAP (Pedagogic Aptitude Certificate) and a whole string of training courses related with nature and with images. Over a number of years I had jobs in engineering and environmental education where photography kept cropping up over and over again. Then I had my first incursion in the digital world, so the dark room started to seem like a romantic idea already gathering cobwebs.

My beginnings in professional photography were through training courses and social reportages in 2008. Since then on the basis of increasingly more frequent commissions I was able to stop shuffling various jobs and to focus fully on photography as my means of living. I have covered events, taken corporate photos, done social reports and product images for various agencies and companies. These include Zinc Shower, Utopic_us, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, Centro Empresarial Las Mercedes, Schaeffer Iberica, Google España, ARCO, the Ministry of Culture in Argentina, etc.

My recurring thoughts always come back to a mountain, a backpack and Walking (in uppercase). I love the heights, paragliding and clearing my head with any sport in nature.