Marta Fernández Caballero

I was born in Vigo, a place infamous for being ugly because all its 1970s buildings. Fortunately this unjustified reputation is balanced by the smell of the ocean and the local accent, different from the rest of Galicia.

Even when I was a child I loved everything to do with images, communication and art. So, when I reached eighteen I enrolled in Advertising and Public Relations and ended up doing an internship at the MARCO museum in Vigo.

That was my first real contact with contemporary art and shortly afterwards I went to Barcelona to take a master in Cultural Management. This is where I learned to understand culture as a tool for expression and social transformation and to plan cultural projects but, above all, it gave me a chance to turn a vocation into a profession.

Meanwhile, along the way I’ve worked at a digital marketing agency, in a small theatre, for a film festival… until, by pure chance, I met the ACERCA team and I immediately packed my bags for Madrid.

It’s a gift to work in the ACERCA team, where, incidentally, I have the honour of being the most millennial and the one who has lost the office keys most often. Working in contemporary art means operating in a space where you are at odds with everyone else and have to keep reinventing the world from scratch. And I love working with social media. It’s like being a towncrier chatting with the locals in the village square. In addition, social media are like a mini department where you have all the benefits of working in communication.

I liaise with CentroCentro on a daily basis and am working on other projects such as Culture and Community making grids and graphs of timelines. My obsession is publics, messages and strategies. Oh, and I always have my stopwatch at the ready in wait for your likes.