I was born in Madrid a while ago and I’m still here, who knows why.

I started studying Art History at the Universidad Complutense, but my adolescent lack of perspective drove me to change to Advertising and Public Relations. The truth is, I only had a passion for writing and I didn’t care about anything else. As soon as I finished college, I went to Dublin, UK and USA to learn English by working as a waitress, visiting friends and studying a little bit more. 

I came back and worked for both an advertising agency and  a film producer company. I was also having orders as a freelancer, until I got pregnant, and they fired me from everywhere. Surprisingly, I was hired in the marketing department of a company where I had worked before. Then I went to live to Washington D. C. and I tried as a Spanish teacher. I was still writing all kinds of silly and worthwhile stuff.
Back here again, I worked in communication departments for Organizations related to International Cooperation and after many years of doing that, I resumed the Spanish classes as a teacher until COVID ruined my domestic economy and battered me as a wave by the ocean, until one day I earned the shore: Acerca. Now I look around and I see myself surrounded by admirable beings that love art and culture, which gives me hope in the human being and nourishes, motivate and makes me want to be like them.