I was born in Santander in 1989, so you would think I’m used to the cold and to overcast summers. Thanks to my interest in art, culture and communication, as soon as I turned eighteen I moved to Burgos to study Audiovisual Communication, so my climatological situation didn’t really change very much. These were years of learning, evolving and commitment when I had my first direct contact with multimedia creation and cultural management. Making my passion my profession.

Once I had graduated in the birthplace of El Cid I decided that I missed the sea and humidity and I returned to Santander to set out on new projects: collaborating with digital publications, an internship with the local newspaper and one-off stints as an audiovisual technician. I was also really excited when I signed up to take a course in History of Art.

Around a year ago I packed my suitcase again and headed for Madrid. After a few months in the city I arrived, almost by accident, to Acerca Comunicación where I am in charge of the biscuits and chocolate as well as working on digital strategies and strengthening our clients’ social media, like for instance, for the Melián Radolph interior design studio, the Alphonse Mucha exhibition and the Elvira González and Lucía Mendoza galleries. Instagram can be another art form.

I combine my hours in the office with my time spent at the press department of the digital cultural magazine Le Miau Noir, winner of a 20 Minutos’ 20Blogs Award in 2017.

I like to think that culture is a driving engine for the transformation of society, though at times it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. I am moved by art in all its forms and expressions. That’s why my personal leitmotiv is “life without art is a mistake”.