Acerca Comunicación is an agency specializing in cultural communication and arts.

We diffuse ideas and creative processes that renew our perspective of the world. We work with projects, artists, collections, museums, galleries, foundations, and people who express reality through art and culture.

We communicate art, books, theatre, dance, architecture, design, creativity, culture, inspiration, solidarity, convictions, human rights, and cultural diversity.

In these difficult times for culture, artists and creators continue to enrich and renew our perspective of the world. Gallery owners, institutions, museums and foundations exercise a crucial role in the diffusion of their work and bringing it to the public.

The artist’s and creator’s need to explain, communicate, educate and share is increasingly more urgent in our society today.

Online and offline media are the perfect tool for the diffusion of culture, both on the level of the general public as well as business, and for the creation of brand image through sponsorship and support for artistic creation. Any business that would like to communicate via art and culture are welcome.

Acerca Comunicación Cultural offers communication strategies personalized for exhibitions, festivals, competitions and other events, adapting the tools and actions to each individual project.

Press, digital media, and social media must be approached from a global and coherent strategy. With this in mind, Acerca Comunicación offers its experience in press liaison and also with bloggers and influencers who set trends in new medias.

Making a difference, enhancing public relations and communicating culture are the areas in which Acerca Comunicación has a high degree of professionalism and expertise with more than seven years’ experience.

You can download a complete dossier on the following link Acerca Comunicación Cultural