At Acerca Comunicación we promote cultural communication to bring contemporary art and design closer to the public and involve citizens in artistic processes.

With more than 15 years of experience, Acerca Comunicación is the leading cultural communication agency in the sector as we accompany museums, foundations, institutions, art galleries, fairs, festivals, and other cultural or artistic projects in the direction of customised and successful communication.

We offer comprehensive cultural communication services based on the belief that press, public relations, digital media, and advertising must work on the basis of a global and coherent strategy.

At Acerca Comunicación we have the talent of a solid multidisciplinary team made up of people from the fields of journalism, audiovisual communication, advertising, art history, and humanities. With our experience, we contribute to the professionalisation of cultural communication in the sector, offering services tailored to the needs of each project and working with excellence and attention to detail.