Content and social media management

Social media has changed the communication paradigms of cultural institutions, especially those that seek a more direct and close connection with their audiences and build new forms of relationship.

In social networks, cultural dissemination must be adapted to the requirements of this type of channel. At Acerca Comunicación, we offer content adapted to the requirements of social networks in all kinds of formats: Posts, private messages as PR actions, responses to interactions, etc.

In every content plan developed by Acerca Comunicación, we strive for impact, brevity, and clarity of messages to ensure visibility, attention, and understandable language for the different audiences of each project and ultimately support the success of the project.

At the same time as creating the content, we take care of the community and direct interactions with the public that are promoted through the media of each cultural project.

  • Content planning
  • Supporting the communities
  • Creation of own content
  • Online public relations
  • Qualitative reports