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Press office

The official Auschwitz exhibition was world premiered in Madrid on December 1, 2017. The exhibition was composed of more than 600 original objects that were exhibited for the first time to the public. Made by the Spanish company Musealia in collaboration with the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, in December 2017 the journey began in Spain and it would continue in 13 other countries in Europe and America during the next 7 years.

The work of Acerca Communication consisted of the exhibition obtaining in the media the deserved relevance due to its historical and physical magnitude (more than 2,500 square meters in the Canal Art Center Exhibition Hall) and managing televisions, radios, paper and digital press that would attend the opening of the exhibition. The press work began months before the start of the exhibition, during which time the cooperation with monthly media and the management of different exclusives with the most appropriate media began. In addition, the agency’s team received the necessary training in the Polish museum regarding the treatment of such a sensitive issue as the Holocaust.

The exhibition was widely covered not only during its opening, but also in all sections of newspapers, radio stations and national TV channels, as well as in monthly magazines and various publications of a local and regional character until its closing in June 2018. Due to the great interest aroused by the exhibition, it was also covered in the international press.