Added on 01/09/2016 Category Communication strategy

Tratado de paz was the central exhibition of the European Capital of Culture Donostia/San Sebastián 2016, an exhibition funded by major international museums that summarised the ideology of the Capital of Culture.

The Acerca Communication team elaborated the messages that summarised the spirit of this exhibition to bring it closer to the different media, and also organised a presentation of these messages in the Prado Museum. A communication campaign was then carried out in the monthly media and later in newspapers, radios, television stations, international correspondents and agencies, focusing on the importance of the exhibition and its opening ceremony. The organisation of press trips ensured that the country’s main media had a first-hand view of the scope of this project.

As a result, the Tratado de paz was present in the international, national and regional press for several months and became the main attraction of Donostia/San Sebastián 2016.