Client Centro Dramático Nacional Added on 23/08/2023 Category Digital marketing

The Centro Dramático Nacional (CDN) is the first theatre production unit created by the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM), of the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Since its foundation in 1978, the CDN’s main mission has been to disseminate and consolidate the different trends in contemporary drama, with special attention to current Spanish authorship.

Since its creation, the institution has offered more than three hundred shows. Throughout these years, its productions have featured the country’s most outstanding directors, set designers, actors, costume designers, and professionals, as well as distinguished figures from the international stage.

The CDN has two venues for its activities: the María Guerrero Theatre and the Valle-Inclán Theatre. The institution’s administrative and production capacities allow it to simultaneously program these permanent venues and tour its productions, both in Spain and on international stages.

Since 2022, Acerca Comunicación offers digital strategy services, including:

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