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Eduardo Chillida 100 years is the celebration of the centenary of the birth of Eduardo Chillida, one of the most universal and influential Spanish artists of the 20th century, promoted by the Eduardo Chillida – Pilar Belzunce Foundation. The 100th anniversary will be on 10 January 2024 and since 2023 a program of exhibitions, music and celebrations have been promoted with the aim of disseminating his work, his values, his sensitivity and his contributions to the history of contemporary art.

In order to turn this celebration into a major national and international milestone and to bring Chillida’s work closer to the public, especially to younger audiences, Acerca Comunicación has developed a 360º communication strategy. The strategy includes the creation of a solid brand around the centenary, a campaign in general and specialised media, a digital strategy and an advertising strategy. In addition, other channels and media have been created to help disseminate the international commemoration and bring the figure of Eduardo Chillida to a wider audience.

The services offered include:

  • Elaboration of a communication strategy for the centenary
  • Development of a press strategy: generation of solid storytelling around the centenary, press campaigns in general, local and regional, monthly, specialised media not related to art (history, travel, tourism, lifestyle) and a specific press campaign on activities with a special call for participation.
  • Creation of arguments and key messages
  • Interview campaign with spokespersons on the main milestones of the centenary
  • Development of a digital communication strategy
  • Creation, management, planning and maintenance of profiles on social networks (Instagram, X, LinkedIn, TikTok).
  • Development of a content line: storyline and narrative lines for web and social media, inspirational teaser treatment for the launch of the centenary and proposals for an official audiovisual piece for the celebration.
  • Elaboration of a podcast proposal
  • Establishment of a protocol for interaction with collaborators, in order to standardise communication flows and establish guidelines for the exchange of materials.
  • Design of an integrated OOH and digital publicity strategy