Added on 25/06/2018 Category Communication and press

Acerca Comunicación han been the press office of Elvira González Gallery since 2011. We have developed a personalized communication plan for each exhibition including monthly, daily and digital press, but also televisions, radios and press agencies which we provide with information, graphics, and interviews among other materials. We have studied the requirements of each exhibition with the goal of designing our job to the requirements of each Project.

In addition we promote Elvira González Gallery as a brand to show its allure, achieving a permanent presence in the media by sharing its history, its way of being and the gallerist themselves. We take care of the gallery´s Social Media presence where we not only post past, present or upcoming exhibitions but also highlight the gallerist´s taste and preferences to establish the brand.

In septiember 2016 the Grand Opening and Waltercio Caldas solo exhibtion meant a lot to Acerca because we were part of Elvira González´s new era communicating its growth, its avant-garde and privelege location in Madrid. We took care of the Social Media Account where we could get in touch with our visitors who shared their most memorable moments during the exhibition with us.