For several decades, the International Festival of Sacred Art of the Community of Madrid (FIAS) has been characterized by the search for spirituality through music. In 2016, after twenty-five editions, the project fell into the hands of Pepe Mompeán, Music Advisor of the Community of Madrid, who, determined to renew the proposal, began to incorporate various styles and ways of doing things ranging from jazz to flamenco. , passing through world music and experimentation. The result: an eclectic and story-producing festival that each year offers unprecedented, quality programming to a transversal and intergenerational audience.

The work of Acerca Comunicación was marked, precisely, by this change of direction. Starting in 2017 and edition after edition, the agency was in charge of developing a comprehensive communication strategy that covered the entire festival. Thus, for example, he managed the press coverage of his presentations, aimed at both general media (press, radio and television) and specialized in music, ranging from publications with a more classical nature to those aimed at a younger audience, without leave aside those focused on more specific styles of music.

In this way, and adapting the strategy to the particularities of each edition of the festival, Acerca Comunicación carried out different actions, such as press releases, telephone communications, interview management, media partners, report proposals and a public relations strategy with the objective of achieving the consolidation of the FIAS in a stage of configuring the festival as an international cultural space of reference.

Thus, the results of the last editions have made it possible for the impact in the press to have grown year after year, achieving impacts for all audiences interested in the festival. Likewise, a network of contacts has been developed around the FIAS that has allowed it to establish solid links with essential agents in the world of music at a national and international level.