Client Ivorypress Added on 11/07/2016 Category Press office

Between May 2010 and February 2015 Acerca Communication was in charge of the press office of Ivorypress, the artistic project of Elena Ochoa Foster.

The aim of our work was to consolidate the presence of the publishing house, which specialises in photography and artists’ books, in the national and international media, as well as to disseminate Ivorypress’ exhibition and curatorial projects in the art gallery in Madrid and in other spaces of international importance. The tasks carried out included the organization of press conferences, preparation of dossiers, press releases and informative texts, management of journalists’ trips and coordination with other institutions for the joint dissemination of projects.

In this sense we work in the communication of exhibitions such as Real Venice in the parallel program of the 54th Venice Biennale, ToledoContemporanea in the Year of El Greco or Moving. Norman Foster on Art at the Carré d’Art‐Musée d’art contemporain de Nîmes.

In addition to these projects, we carry out the work of dissemination in the press during five seasons of the exhibitions held in the gallery located in c / Comandante Zorita (Madrid). Among the most outstanding samples, with which we obtained a wide diffusion in national and international media, are Bucky Fuller & Spaceship Earth, Jean Prouvé 1901-1984: Fabricated Beauty, Turquoise Drama of Los Carpinteros, Warhol & Dance, New York in the 50s by Andy Warhol or The Latin American Photobook among others. 

In the editorial area, we work on the dissemination of Ivorypress launches in its different collections as well as in the communication to the press of the biannual issues of the magazine C Photo, specialized in photography. The special weight of the artist’s books published by this publisher required a careful and accurate presentation to the press. In this sense, titles such as El trabajo es la dictadura by Santiago Sierra, Por qué importa la arquitectura by Paul Goldberger, Havana Autos & Arquitecture by Norman Foster and artist’s books such as A view becomes a window by Olafur Eliasson, Detritus by Francis Bacon or Ilimit by Isidoro Valcárcel Medina stand out.

For almost five years we worked on the communication strategy to contribute to the solidity of the project, as well as to amplify the impact of the exhibitions and their influx of public.