Client Zinc Shower Added on 11/07/2016 Category Digital marketing

In past years, we have collaborated with Zinc Shower, the largest professional event of the cultural and collaborative economy and the creative transformation that allows the meeting between entrepreneurs of innovative start-ups and investors that generate a possible viability of their project. Through a complete program of talks, networking sessions, workshops and round tables, thousands of people meet in an environment of creativity, entrepreneurship, trends and technology to share their experiences.

In the fourth edition in May 2016, we from ACERCA designed the social media strategy and managed the community before, during and after the event. As a starting point, a study of the situation, the target and the competition were carried out, together with a social listening report and a personalised digital strategy. With this we managed to set objectives and to merge an action plan with its corresponding calendar for the event.

In the months of project management, we managed to increase the number of followers and visits on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles. Additionally it was possible to be a trending topic on two occasions during the event and the interaction of the public grew, reaching a very high level of satisfaction.