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The Spanish Sustainable Development Network (REDS) was founded in Spain in 2015 with the mission of mobilising and raising awareness among society, public institutions and the business community about theSustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations in its 2015-2030 Development Agenda. The SDSN national network works to ensure that the SDGs are incorporated into future policies and embedded in universities, research centres, businesses and Spanish civil society, with the aim of working together for increasingly real sustainable development.

Acerca Communication collaborated with REDS in its launch and first steps. Initially, we were responsible for disseminating the presentation of the network at the Telefónica Foundation by the presidents Miguel Ángel Moratinosand Teresa Ribera, and developed a communication strategy for specific media in the political, environmental and social fields. Subsequently, the web and social network launch was managed, and a stable community was achieved in the Facebook and Twitter profiles, which has been maintained ever since.

In addition, the informative milestones that emerged in the consolidation of REDS (favoured by the Paris Climate Summit COP21) were communicated and work was done to promote courses, conferences and meetings held by SDSN or related institutions, with the intention of being present in the media to achieve the attention desired by the client. The biggest event where the presence of REDS in Spanish society could be reflected was the presentation of the declaration of accession of the Spanish political parties to the Sustainable Development Goals, ratified by all parties on the occasion of the elections of 20 December 2015.