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Press office

The official exhibition on the most famous ocean liner in history landed in Madrid with more than 200 original objects that travelled on board the ship. The exhibition, which reproduced parts of the interior of the Titanic, occupied the exhibition hall of the Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa and the services of Acerca Communication covered not only the almost six months of exhibition but an advisory service that began two months before the inauguration.

We started by carrying out a personalized work with different types of monthly publications, as well as the call for a press conference attended by more than 70 members of the media.

During the following months we established contact with specialized media that were interested in echoing the scientific-cultural program of the exhibition. These events, together with the informative milestones that we communicated (by passing the threshold of 100,000 visitors or with the inclusion of the exhibition proposal in the plans proposed by the press for Christmas) allowed such a prolonged exhibition to be always present in the media.

With this work, the Titanic navigated through all national televisions and radio stations, the main headers of newspapers both in print and digital, agencies and all kinds of media that were giving news of the passage of the ship through Madrid.