Added on 12/07/2016 Category Communication strategy

Transvisiones is an international residency program for photographers of the Centro de Arte de Alcobendas (CAA), curated by Marta Soul.  The project proposes an exchange between centers and artists of different nationalities, in order to generate new platforms for visibility and discussion about photography. Transvisiones offers six places for a three-month artistic residency in international art centres and the CAA, was concluded with a group exhibition in Alcobendas as part of the PhotoEspaña program. The selected artists were: Maricel Delgado (Lima, Peru), Ignacio Evangelista (Valencia, Spain), Julio Galeote (Madrid, Spain), Carlos Ivan Hernández (Hermosillo, Mexico), Andrés Pachón (Madrid, Spain) and Yuri Tuma (   São Paulo, Brazil). Acerca Communication launched the communication plan of the project under the umbrella of the Art Center of Alcobendas and PhotoEspaña. Generating information opportunities, report management, agenda of interviews with artists and curator, as well as the design of mailings and the analysis of the impact on general and specialized information press were the main actions developed.