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Press office

In Calle Heros nº2 in Bilbao, a few meters from the Guggenheim, the CarrerasMugica gallery inaugurates, in September 2014, a new space of 1000 square meters renovated by the architect Juan Herreros. Asier Mendizabal was the artist in charge of the opening exhibition.

Acerca Communication designed the communication campaign for the presentation of the nine headquarters. We develop the offline and online strategy with presentations to the media, management of press trips, public relations actions and the design of a digital identity of CarrerasMugica and its profiles on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

In addition to the kick-off campaign, Acerca Communication launched a press campaign of the exhibitions of its new program, its presence in national and international contemporary art fairs such as ARCOMadrid or Zona MACO; as well as the communication and dissemination actions of the Art and Patronage Award 2015.

The communication work strenthened the knowledge and impact of the new hall in Bilbao, its exhibition program and CarrerasMugica’s commitment to grow together with its artists and collectors. A reference in the Basque gallery scene and the rest of the country.