Founded during Eduardo Chillida’s lifetime, Chillida Leku is the place where the artist’s largest and most representative body of work can be found. It is located on the outskirts of Hernani, very close to San Sebastian (Gipuzkoa) and consists of an open-air sculpture site and an exhibition space inside the Zabalaga farmhouse, a traditional Basque construction built in the 16th century. The museum houses key pieces in the artist’s career such as «Buscando la luz I» (1997), «Lotura XXXII» (1998) and «Arco de la libertad» (1993).

The reopening of Chillida Leku (after eight years closed to the continuous flow of visitors) was organised by the Hauser & Wirth Gallery in April 2019. This happy event had been awaited by the public and the media as it is a place with very special characteristics. Since its reopening, Chillida Leku has organised several exhibitions on the work of Eduardo Chillida, but it has also given space to other works by his contemporaries (Tápies, 2021; Miró, 2022) or contemporary artists (Thomas J Price, 2022; Phyllida Barlow, 2023).

Acerca Comunicación has accompanied the Chillida Leku museum since its reopening in 2019, offering a comprehensive communication strategy, including:

  • Consultancy and development of a communication strategy.
  • Strategic dissemination campaign in the national press: preparation of press releases and submission to national and specialised media databases. Management and coordination of interviews.
  • Formation of a spokesperson and creation of a storytelling about the history of the museum and the Chillida family
  • Organisation and convening of the opening event, inviting personalities from the art world.
  • Preparation, management and execution of the online communication strategy and maintenance of social media 
  • Organisation of press trips adapted to each journalist
  • Creation of informative milestones to maintain the informative focus on the museum, once the reopening has taken place
  • Preparation of monitoring reports, proposals for improvement and forecasting of new impacts
  • Online, offline and OOH advertising campaign for Summer 2019