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Peter Lindberg. Untold Stories, the first retrospective curated by Peter Lindbergh himself, opened at the Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf in February 2020 and has since traveled from Germany to Italy before arriving in Spain in December 2021, where it was on display at the Muelle de la Batería in A Coruña (Galicia) until May 2022, thanks to the support of the MOP Foundation.

The selection of 152 photographs of Lindbergh’s work includes early and recent photographs presented from the artist’s perspective. Untold Stories not only pays tribute to his legacy but also conveys the artist’s position on fashion photography.

Untold Stories was an opportunity for A Coruña to see the work that Lindbergh himself considered important. In a rough chronological order, the photographer experimented with his own material and let the intuitive arrangement create unexpected connections.

Acerca Communication contributed to the success of the exhibition by offering some services such as:

  • OOH advertising strategy: local and regional (A Coruña + Galicia), strategic points in Spain (northern cities + Madrid and Barcelona) as well as international (Portugal). 
  • Complementary media strategy: universities, tourist offices, hotels and proximity centers at a regional level.
  • Media advertising strategy (online and offline): Main newspapers and specialised media in Spain and Galicia.
  • Press: strategy for Spain and Portugal. Presentation to large media and organising a press trip with Spanish and international journalists.
  • Press: Management of an 8-page scoop with El País Semanal, for which the supplement had exclusive access to photographic content.