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Opened in 2015, the Machado Muñoz Gallery, run by photographer Gonzalo Machado and interior designer Mafalda Muñoz, is the first contemporary design and furniture gallery in Madrid. Specialising in unique pieces and limited editions, it relies on the talent of Spanish designers together with a selection of international artists.

Acerca Communication has been working with Machado Muñoz since it opened. The first big challenge we faced was communicating the concept of the gallery, which is established in cities like New York, Milan or London, but is still very new and exclusive in Spain. We also continue to communicate the gallery’s exhibition projects, which combine works by visual artists, furniture, useful sculptures, and limited editions by designers.

During this time, we have managed to position the gallery as a solid and unique offering in the Spanish art sector. The gallery’s directors and artists have been featured on the front pages and in the reports of the design, architecture, interior design and lifestyle trade press, as well as in the international press, consolidating the gallery’s visibility in the media.