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Press office

With the idea of bringing landscape, art and architecture into dialogue, Summer Group Show was born in the summer of 2019, an annual initiative promoted by gallery owners Eva Albarrán and Christian Bourdeais, creators of the architectural project Solo Houses.

In this unique setting – the first architecture collection in Europe – and in the heart of the Ports Natural Park (Matarraña, Bajo Aragón), Summer Group Show went beyond the traditional limits of a gallery to exhibit in the open air a collective exhibition of monumental works by renowned national and international artists: Ugo Rondinone, Iván Argote, Christian Boltanski, Peter Downsbrough, Héctor Zamora and Olivier Mosset.

To publicize this unusual project, Acerca Comunicación developed a communication plan that had among its key points the organization of a press trip and a careful campaign focused on both general and specialized media in art and architecture, where criticism played an important role. place.

Reaching the national press and its main newspapers without forgetting the international impact was one of the objectives that the Acerca Communication team took into account when organizing this meeting with the press, as well as the communication plan to achieve it. of impacts and interviews. In this way, this unique project was echoed in prominent publications such as Vanity Fair, Elle Decor, Nuevo Estilo, Vogue or Neo 2, as well as other specialized publications such as Diseño Interior and Il Giornale dell’Arte, cultural supplements such as Abc Cultural, or economic media. like Cinco Días or Expansión. Along with all this, an important presence in digital and monographic media on television and radio led the project to establish itself as a benchmark in outdoor monumental work.

Thanks to this impact, media interest in the Solo Houses project was reawakened years after its inauguration, also creating a sustained media focus over time during the months that the exhibition period lasted.